15 Best Homeopathic Remedies for Skin Diseases

By | February 8, 2022

15 Best Homeopathic Remedies for Skin Diseases


Top 15 Homeopathic Remedies for Skin Problems

  1. Sulfur
  2. Graphites
  3. Sepia officinalis
  4. Nitrum Moriticum
  5. Russia Taxicodendron
  6. Arsenic album
  7. Catharis
  8. Ranncoles bulbous
  9. Hyper Sulfur
  10. Opportunity
  11. Mycerium
  12. Nitric acid
  13. Owelander
  14. Sororinum
  15. Kali Moriticum


Homeopathic Remedies for Skin Diseases:



Sulfur is derived from the flower of sulfur.In addition A study of 42 patients with atopic dermatitis reported that in 60 cases, patients responded positively to sulfur treatment. In addition, sulfur is also treated:

1: Bed source

2: Acne

3: Boils

4: Corns

5: Freckles

6: Herpes

7: Itching and burning

8: Dad’s diseases


2. Graphites

It is a carbon treatment, as wel as contains a small amount of iron. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, firstly used this remedy to treat severe eczema, among other skin problems.After that many skin problems such as graphites have been successfully managed, such as: Eczema: Rough skin (cracks and shiny skin due to extreme dryness or eczema) Deep skin or scars (appearing after surgery or major wounds) One study found that the use of graphite’s greatly improved the symptoms of “atopic der”

3. Sepia officinalis

in the first place, This is cuttlefish ink, and in homeopathy, this medicine was primarily prescribed to women for the treatment of postpartum depression as wel as  stress . It is known as the medicine for menopause (according to the British Homoeopathic Association). However, Sep Sepia is often recommended for painful skin problems. According to the National Center for Homeopathy, sepia can be used for treatment



Freckles (hyper pigmentation)

Dad’s disease


Types of veins


4.Nitrum Moriticum

Sodium chloride or common salt (yes, the ones you use for cooking) is an important mineral  also it contains component of Nitram Moriticum. This homeopathic medicine is the best treatment for controlling acne vulgaris . It can also be used to control:

Blisters (from herpes and eczema) As wel as

Itching (eczema itching and sunburn or allergy to the sun)

5. Russia Taxicodendron

Also known as poison ivy (yes, the same herb that gives you itching and itching) and is a very unusual treatment for many skin problems. This homeopathic medicine is usually given to treat arthritis, but it can also be used to treat skin issues such as:




It relieves itching, irritation, and pain caused by skin diseases.

6.Arsenic album

Arsenic trioxide is reduced to make this medicine. It also dissolves until traces of arsenic are found in it in addition It is a very effective (and widely used) treatment including arsenic poisoning . It treats the symptoms of arsenic poisoning, such as:

Hyper pigmentation (in areas that are not exposed to sunlight) as wel as 

Excessive itchy skin (arsenic keratosis)

Cancer affected by arsenic exposure

Exfoliate dermatitis

It is also a very useful medicine for treating psoriasis and chronic eczema.


This medicine is made from the extract of a sharp green bean containing cathedeen, a poisonous substance which causes blisters. In homeopathy, it is a beneficial medicine made for:

Minor skin burns, Blisters that are itchy and burning, When applied, it has analgesic effect and relieves pain and promotes healing

8.Ranncoles bulbous

Rhinoceros bulbous or buttercups are beautiful yellow flowers, but they are very poisonous. In  homeopathy,

in addition it is mainly used to treat muscle tissue and also skin related issues.  According to the National Center for Homeopathy, this medicine is used for treatment. Eczema, Herpes zoster, Corns, Palms and fingers, Itchy

9.Hyper Sulfur

Do you have injuries that are slowly healing? Or astral skin or eczema? If so, Hyper Sulfur (or Hyper Sulf) may be the treatment for you. This medicine is made from calcium from the inner layers of cisterns and the ashes of sulfur flowers. It is effective for:

Cracked skin or eczema, Acne, Cold sores, as wel as Painful boil in addition Helps to stem the growth of Staphylococcus  aureus, an acne-causing bacterium.


This plant is also known as white pine and is commonly grown as an ornamental plant in addition It is mainly used in homeopathy as mother tincture (herbal extract) which has the lowest potency.This medicine is also used to treat varicose veins (or warts). further more the actual fact is  skin problems are caused by the human papilloma virus.


This medicine is taken from the stem of a bush called Mazeron. It is also use to  treat toothache and headaches. However, in the book of  Samuel Hahnemann notes that Meserium is used to treat crusta lectia . This skin diseases are more common in newborns. It is seborrhoeic dermatitis, where the skin on the scalp and around the ears and eyes becomes shiny, rough and oily. In very serious  cases, it can also be servive.

12.Nitric acid

It is a mineral acid, and as a homeopathic remedy, nitricam acid is very effective in treating warts and skin lesions. in addition It has also been shown to be effective in treatment.

Ricky’s excess, Cracks and rough skin, Ulcers that bleed easily, It is often used to treat gum problems and bad breath and to treat sores in the corners of the mouth.

13. Owelander

This homeopathic medicine is made from the extract of a very poisonous garden bush Neerium oleander. in addition it is also obtain from high levels of antioxidants that protect skin cells the fact is it also  help in  reduce oxidative stress. in addition This drug is used for its antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and also antioxidant benefits for ages. at first ancient people is used it for beauty and it is also  rich in flavonoids, vitamins and amino acids that reduce inflammation.  Eulander is effective in treating and it is a big real fact.

Eczema, Dry, Psoriasis, Herpes zoster, It is also useful in treating food allergies and colitis.

14. Sororinum

This medicine is made from the fluid that accumulates in the itchy skin. It is a great remedy for many skin problems and is very effective in treating: Allergies, Dermatitis, Eczema, Itch, Ulcers and also  lice. However, sorinum shows extraordinary results in the treatment of vitiligo, a condition characterized by progressive skin discoloration. One study shows that regular use of sorcerene can fix vitiligo patches and re-color them.

15.  Kali Moriticum

It is also known as potassium chloride and is a very effective way to treat eczema. According to the National Center for Homeopathy, you can use Kali Moriaticum to treat

Acne, Skin disease, and also helpful in Warts

Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler, a German physician, introduced Kali Moritchem to homeopathy. He thought that the loss of this element could affect the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin) and cause irritation. Homeopathic remedies are considered safe, but there are risks to the side effects that you need to be aware of.

Risks of using homeopathic medicine for skin allergies

Homeopathic medicines are made using a wide range of ingredients including toxins and minerals. These medicines can cause serious side effects if you take them without proper guidance from a homeopathic practitioner.


are soluble in water, they have no side effects. However, they may interact with other medications you are taking. In addition, if these medicines are not manufactured incorrectly, in fact you may experience side effects.

Homeopathic remedies are regulated by the FDA and are manufactured and marketed with FDA approval. Avoid buying products that do not have FDA approval. Also, avoid self-medication. Consult your doctor before going for homeopathic treatment of skin disease. Although homeopathy takes longer to produce results than allopathy, it does guarantee long-term relief. So, if you haven’t tried homeopathy, it would be a good idea to collect a small kit that includes all of these or at least what you think you need. But be sure to talk to a homeopathy practitioner before proceeding with treatment.

Expert answers to Aryan questions

How often do I want to take homeopathic medicine

your nutrition and diet table will be decided by homeopathic practitioner,in addition you need to follow their instructions.

Do homeopathic remedies cause side effects?

Before starting Homeo medics you must stop alopathic medicine 10 days before..

Is homeopathic medicines safe to use with other medicines?

No, unless they are recommended by a doctor or phsician.

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