Another Great Benefit Of A Good Afternoon Nap !!!!!!

By | September 6, 2020

Another Great Benefit Of A Good Afternoon Nap

Another Great Benefit Of A Good Afternoon Nap

Great Benefit Of A Good Afternoon Nap The habit of taking a nap helps to make life happier.

This was revealed in a medical study in the United Kingdom.

A Hertfordshire study found a brief link between short sleep and happiness in the afternoon.

Research has shown that a short afternoon nap has a number of health benefits,

such as increased creativity and protection against heart disease,

but this habit can also increase happiness in life.

A Nap in The Afternoon is Beneficial For Controlling Blood Pressure

In fact, the habit of taking a nap gives a sense of satisfaction in life.

It should be noted that Qilula is also the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)

and science has long acknowledged its various benefits.

The team involved in the study said that previous research reports had shown that a 30-minute nap

in the afternoon helps to focus, increase creativity, and sharpen the mind,

but new findings suggest. It is found that it also increases the feeling of happiness.

“Scientists have long said that sleeping longer in the afternoon can increase the risk of various diseases,

and our results prove that” he said.

During the study, 1,000 people were asked various questions about naps during an online survey

and were asked to give a happiness score.

The results showed that those who take a nap for 30 minutes are happier in life,

while those who do not sleep in the afternoon are surprisingly happier in life than

those who take a nap for a longer period of time.

Earlier, in July, a US study found that 15 to 30 minutes of sleep in the afternoon

helps to improve mental alertness, memory, mental capacity, and mood.

According to research, the nap is very good for people’s minds because it cleanses them.

Researchers say that if people make a habit of taking a nap,

they will be able to store, retain, and remember information more quickly and efficiently.

Research has further shown that this short afternoon nap has

tremendous positive effects on mental capacity.

However, the most important thing is that the afternoon sleep should not be short,

that is, more than half an hour because it is harmful to the mind instead of good.

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