Are The First Periods After Pregnancy Different From Normal Periods?

By | August 17, 2020

Are The First Periods After Pregnancy Different From Normal Periods?

First Periods After Pregnancy

The First Periods After Pregnancy Menstrual bleeding is caused by the rupture of the uterine membrane due to hormonal changes.

When a woman is not pregnant, the lining of the uterus does not need to be thickened,

so the rupture of the extrauterine membrane results in monthly bleeding.

Otherwise, when a woman becomes pregnant, the uterine membrane becomes thicker so that

the growth and protection of the baby in the uterus can be better.

For this reason, the membrane does not break and there is no bleeding during pregnancy.

Nine months later, when the baby is born, the hormones return to normal.

Mercy also returns to its original size and shape. As a result, a lot of extra tissue is released.

This process is seen on the occasion of the first menstrual period after pregnancy.

It doesn’t matter if the delivery was normal or by surgery, postpartum hemorrhage is

a normal and naturally occurring physical condition.

This bleeding is called nifaas which lasts for 2-6 weeks after the birth of the baby.

In the first 3-10 days, the blood flow is high then it gradually decreases.

Fear of the first menstrual period

For new mothers, the first menstrual period after the birth of a child is often a difficult time.

The blood flows rapidly and often comes with blood clots.

Is. Bleeding may increase due to physical exertion.

That is why mothers may experience excessive bleeding

when they start their daily routine after childbirth.

Due to all these symptoms, most women suffer from depression after childbirth.

Important information for new mothers

Important information for new mothers

Good doctors inform all first-time mothers about all of these symptoms.

That’s why they know what conditions they will face after the baby is born.

However, adverse events such as infections can still occur.

Therefore, mothers are advised to consult a doctor immediately

if they experience any symptoms such as shivering or severe abdominal pain.

The duration of menstruation may vary from woman to woman,

but care should be taken in the same way as monthly menstruation.

Remember not to use tampons for six weeks after birth as it increases the risk of infection.

Bleeding after childbirth, like pregnancy, is a very normal physical process.

Although first-time mothers are often troubled by symptoms. Over time, things get better.

In general, women are better able to handle matters after childbirth anyway.

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