Cancer| definition | Types | Signs | symptoms |

By | February 24, 2022

 Cancer| Types | Signs and symptoms |


what exactly the cancer is?


Cancer is the  uncontrolled growth of red blood and white blood cells, which, if left untreated, can ultimately cause death.

Benign versus malignant tumors:

Most cancers take the form of tumors,  Although not all tumors are cancerous.

Tumor is simply a bunch of tissue that distribute no physiological cause.

It can be mostly benign  like  a wart or may be  malignant,  like most brain or lungs cancer.

malignant tumor:

: is another same name of  cancer.

Benign tumors‌:

are made up of cells same like   normal cells and are enclosed in a membrane. That prevents them from penetrating neighboring tissues.  for example A  brain tumor can cause death if it blocks the blood circulation to the brain.

‌Cancer or Malignant tumor,:

Malignant tumor or cancer is capable of invading surrounding structures, including blood vessels,  the lymphatic system,  and nervous.

It can also spread to destined sites like the blood and lymphatic circulation, thereby invade tumor in almost any part of the body have you can search, like  leukemia cancer of the blood do not produce a mass and therefore are not properly called tumors.  

 eventually a tumor produces a sign of  symptom that is determined by its location in the body or in the breast,  for example a tumor may be felt as a lymph and diagnosed as cancer by an x-ray or biopsy.
In addition  less reachable locations like the lung,  ovary or  intestine.
A tumor may be noticed only after considerable growth has taken place and may then be detected only by an indirect symptom for instance a persistent cough or unexplained bleeding or pain in the case of leukemia there is no lump but the changes in the blood will eventually be notice as increasing fatigue,  infection or abnormal bleeding. 

4 common types of cancer |Classification of maligiant tumors:

1:  carcinomas :

arise from epithelia tissues that cover external body surfaces line internal tubes and cavities and form the secreting portion of glands they are the most common type of cancers. major sides including the skin, breast, uterus, prostate, lungs, and gastro-intestinal tract.

2: sarcomas:

it is found in  connective and fibrous tissues like muscle and bone cartilage and the membranes covering muscles and fat.

‌3: lymphomas:

lyphomas are cancerous of the lymph nodes part of the body is infection fighting system.

‌4: leukaemia:

are cancers of the blood forming cells which reside cheaply in the bone marrow.

How cancer spreads ? (metastasis) 


metastasis, is define as  the spreading of Cancer cells, it happens because cancer cells do not twig to each other as strongly as normal cells do.

therefore matastasis moves . They break away and can pass through the lining of phlegm or blood vessels to affect near tissues

they can also trip to ruin Parts of the body where they develop new province of Cancer cells this driving and seeding process is called metastasizing and the new tumors are called secondary tumors or metastasis.


these Moving cancer cells can follow the way, where they can produce secondary  tumors  in the  lymph nodes and be care it through the lymph system to form secondary sides elsewhere or they can invert blood vessels and circulate through the vessels to affect  other organs  this ability of Cancer cells to metastasize.

Max early cancer detection critical to control the cancer and prevent that every cancerous cell must be removed once cancerous cells enter either the lymphatic system or the bloodstream it is extremely difficult to stop there spread to other organs of the body.

in fact counting the number of nodes that contain cancer cells is one of the principle methods of predicting the outcome of the disease ;  the chances of a cure is much substantial  when the lymph nodes do not Hold cancer cells. 

what are the 7 most common and dagerous types of cancer?

Cancer Types ;

There are more than 14 types of cancer at them 7 types of cancer are more chronic  if we don’t take charge on time so the patient goes to the last stage of the cancer  here we can explain all the 14 types but the 7 types are given below:
1: Lung cancer
‌2: colon and rectal cancer
3:  breast cancer
4: prostate cancer
5: Stomach cancer
6: brain cancer
7: pancreative cancer

What are the deadleast Cancer?

Here is the list deadleast cancer
 cervical cancer
 uterine / endometrial cancer
Ovarian cancer
Skin cancer
oral cancer
oral cancer
skin Melanoma cancer
lung cancer
breast cancer
stomach cancer
liver cancer
increas cancer
rectum cancer
uniray system cancer
uterus cancer
cervix cancer
multiple myeloma cancer
leukaemia and lymphoma cancer
and other cancer

What are the top 10 most curable cancer?

Top 10 most curable cancer they are given below 
1  lungs cancer
‌2.Pancreatic cancer
‌3. Brain cancer
4. bladder cancer
5. stomach cancer
6. Kidney cancer
7. testicular cancer
8. skin cancer
9. ovarian cancer
10. breast cancer 

What are the main signs and symptom of cancers ?

in addition There are many signs of cancer for different types of cancers  but the main signs are given below:

1: Change in ball or bladder habits 

2: also well as A  sore that  does not Heal

3: in addition Unusual bleeding or discharge
‌4: fourthly Thickening or lump in the breast or elsewhere
5: firstly its starts In digestion or difficulty in swallowing
‌6: also Obvious change in a wart or mole
‌7: in addition Nagging cough or hoarseness



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