COVID 19 Pandemic Exercises and Physical Activities

COVID 19 Pandemic Exercises and Physical Activities

Its famous and practically proved that Physical exercises increase the level of Immune system strongly in this article we will learn how exercises help to decreases the attack of covid 19 virus.

                COVID 19 Pandemic Exercises and Physical Activities

Your question answers:

the followings clients have asking the same question:

1: How long should I exercise for in self-quarantine?

I recommend the following exercises 3 times a day

a: Swimming in a warm water.

duration 30 minutes 

b: cycling in a gym

30 minutes 

c: yoga and stretching muscles in evening 

d: a long walk of 30 minutes at after dinner time 

if you can increasing the time it will be good for your immune system.

2: In what conditions does COVID-19 survive the longest?

3: What can I do to keep myself healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak?

Recreational activity like walking and hiking swimming can boot up your immune system which helps to fight against every type of diseases.

eat natural foods

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keep away yourself from junky and chemically foods

involve yourself in nature by long walk the best way to decrease stress and away from diseases.

Researcher about physical activities:

Research from Iowa State University found that exercise habits increased their antibody response to flu and covid-19 vaccines. Research has also shown that exercise after vaccination does not increase the severity of side effects. The study examined the effects of exercise for 90 minutes immediately after vaccination. The results showed that as a result of exercise, the consistency of serum antibodies increased 4 weeks after vaccination.

Effects On ADULTS:

Similarly, adults who continue to exercise regularly have an increased antibody response to the flu or cod vaccine. In addition  About 50% of the people in the study were obese or overweight, and also they maintained a healthy heart rate during exercise. The findings were published in the medical journal Science Direct. In fact, the habit of exercising not only enhances the effectiveness of vaccines but also provides some protection against covid even when not vaccinated.

University of Toronto’s:

study by the University  Public Health in Canada found that a cardio receptor (heart and respiratory system) could provide protection from fitness code 19. in addition covid 19 reduces the risk of death in physically fit individuals. The results showed that all people who are more physically active have better protection than covid-19.  which included 2,690 people. Research has focused on the extent to which physical fitness can reduce the risk of covid-19 infection and death.

Researchers did not find:

a significant link between physical fitness and the risk of covid, but the reduction in risk of death was clear. The individuals samples in the study were between 49 and 80 years of age and their fitness was also write in the data.


Researchers have proof that moderate exercise also reduces the risk of death from covid-19.”Physical activity decreases with age, but if you are fit according to your age group, you can benefit from this epidemic”.

in addition some of exercises which are life related fitness given bellow.

1: Swimming

2: long walk daily

3: cycling or bike riding

4: mountain climbing

5: hiking and tour to a natural places.

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