Fat loss| through Physical trainings| and Natural Diet

By | February 16, 2022

Fat loss through Physical trainings

and Natural Diet






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Morning starter:

1: Wake up early in the morning

2: in addition Take magnesium, potassium and zinc 10mg in water make sure the water is hot for       drinking.

3: As wel as Drink Hot water  sips every time. time.

Morning Natural Remedy:

Rose (flower) water (ARQ.E.GULAB) 200mg.  Honey 200mg   2 lemons of 100mg


Take 1 liter Water mix 5 tea spoons of honey with then 2 tea spoon of Rose water boil for 5 minutes and take a sip half an hour you can also use it during exercises.


6: Now start a speed (quick) walk for 10 minutes of 3 sets. After every set take a rest of 3 to 5 minutes.

Increase time in the sets day by take the exercise Dailey.

7: Attention:

Before start training makes sure you’re stomach is empty . I mean not taking heavy foods.

If you feel your exhalation and inhalation or the beating of heart is increasing so take a break sit down on a chair or on the ground.

8: Take a start from a slowly run if you are not able. Then start from a simple walk and run just do moments by lying down on the floor or grass open natural area help you to losses fat (weight) in short period of time.


3-4 times per week

30 to 40 minutes

RUN or Jogging:

9: If you are able to Run or jogging do 100m of jogging 3 sets before start an activity.


if you can’t walk continuously take a breakdown the time  in 5+5+5+5 minutes after  every 5 minutes get a rest of 2-3  minutes sit down drink a sip of water or  mineral. Take a breath and bring your pulse rate to the normal position. Now stand after rest of 2 minutes start walk for other 5 minutes and follow the same procedure in every break time. When you complete the walk just start Stretching and flexibility exercise by your-self or with your partner may be your personnel assistant.

take break fast with fruit juices:

1: Goji berries, dried     value/100g




water 7.5g

energy= 349kcal

2: Apples dehydrated ( low moisturize) sulfured, uncooked.

3: Banana dehydrated or Banan powder.

4. Apricots, Dehydrated(low moisturize)

5. Cranberries, dried, sweetened

lunch Nutritions For Fat loss:

Bison, Ground, Grass-fed, cooked

value per 300g

water = 197g

Energy = 544 kcal

Protein =77.336g

Total Lipids = 26.205g

carbohydrates = 0g

fiber  = 0g

sugar = 0g

Physical Trainings  components for Fat loss:

Continues training

Aerobic Floor Classes

Interval training

Resistance training

Plyometric training

Circuit training

Flexibility training

Continues Training for obesity and fat loss:

1: The merit of continues training is to improve the Cardio Respiratory system.

2: it also improves muscular endurance.

3: it is the Back bone of all Physical activities that are related to health it makes you  even If you are not able to move your body parts or you are in moderate obesity stage.

4: the improvement in Cardio-respiratory system produces by Continues training.

best example is ; Aerobic training.

5: when your cardio vascular vessels and respiratory vessels are strong you will move fast and speedy. Which help to make you fit and easily loss fat.

Frame work for developing cardiorespiratory system for fat loss:

Activity                        Components                                                                            TIME

1.Warm up Move legs , trunks, shoulder, Arms 5min



static stretching







jogging, Running, Dance exercises using large muscles groups

Non-stop flutters hands and legs on floor


15 to 20min





using weights, sandbags or partners for resistance; tone of       muscles


10 min





Recovery exercises to assist in cardio vascular                                        adjustment;

Include stretching






Interval Training For Fat Loss:

Table for interval sessions;

           Warm-up Jog 1-2km; stretching exercises
Week 1

2*400m; easy pace 4 – 5 minutes


Break after every 100 meters


5 to 10 min jog recoveries;



week 2

2*800m; easy pace in 8-15 minutes

Break after every 120 meters


5-6 minutes jog recoveries

Week 3

2*400m in


2-3minutes jog recoveries

Total distance cover every week

Approximately  7km/week


Total jog Jog  4km/week

Resistance Training For Fat Loss:

These exercises works on various muscles groups in a weight training program, So here are guide lines for resistance training for fat loss to improve fitness level;

    Fitness components  








Rest between SETS Frequency per


Strength Very Heavy 2-6 5-12 slow 3-5min 3-4
Power Medium 2-10 3-8 fast 3-5min 3-4
Endurance Light 15-40 fast 1-3min 3-6


Order of exercises to  work on different Muscles groups in a weight /resistance training:

                 Exercise                               Muscle Group

1.Chin-Ups Back
      2.Bench-Press Chest
3.Squats Legs
    4.Crunches Abdomen
5.Seated press Shoulders
6.Seating Rowing Back
7.Flat-flys Chest
8.Leg extension Legs
9.Sit- up Abdomen
                       10.Bicep curls Arms


Don’t hesitate to lift weights start from low weights its not important to lift heavy start your journey from half kg after months you will be able to raise heavey.

cycle training

Plyometric Training for obesity and fat loss:

Take plyometric trainings to improve your Muscular power.

This training always depend on the range of jumps you do .

Start small Abduction and flexion of foots moves.

Like a soldier is doing in the assembly parade .

Some plyometric exercises example  are:

1: Vertical jumping

2: open and close leg Jumping

3: lateral Hops

4: single leg jumps

5: Heel kicks

6: double leg jumps

7: skipping.

Circuit training for weight and fat loss:

Circuit training is the combination of  both continues and resistance (weight) training;

Take circuit training on the last day before the rest day.

Exercises example ;

1:  Step-ups

2: Push-ups

3: Vertical-Jumps

4: Sit-ups

5: Hops

6: Burpees

7: Treadmills Run or walk

8: Rear leg Raise

9: Zigzag Runs

Flexibility Training for fat loss:

Flexibility training is most integral part of Body physical preparation as well as It also help to improve muscles as well as joints. Do flexibility everyday it improves the range of motion, size and shape of the body Take flexibility training before and after the Training to reduce obesity and fat of the body. Example of exercises are;

1: Trunk Flexion

2: Trunk extension

3: Trunk lateral Flexion

4: Trunk(back) Rotation

5: Hip Flexion

6: Adduction (right side bent)

7:  Abduction( left sided bent)













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