How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth and stains

By | February 10, 2022

How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth and stains:

yes, it is possible by applying these foods and methods to get rid of yellow teeths and stains;


teeths gums



Strawberries contain malic acid, which is said to have bleaching properties, which can help reduce tooth stains. This acid also increases the amount of saliva combustion in people suffering from dry mouth, saliva combustion protects teeth from decay, which is a common cause of tooth discoloration.


Watermelon contains more Hydroxysuccinic acid than strawberries, the benefits of which have been introduce above, namely, restoration of whitening of teeth and growth  in the amount of saliva chamber. Some individuals explain that the surface of watermelon rubs against teeth which helps in removing blemish, but there is no scientific proof to help this claim.


Our teeth have a exceptional layer of protein called placenta, which prevent the teeth but also soak up the color of food which roots of stains on the teeth. This layer of protein also root the bacteria to stick, and if the bacteria start to accumulate, it can produce problems such as plaque and discoloration of the teeth. But pineapple naturally absorbs this layer, the fruit contains an enzyme that diffuse proteins, including placenta.


Like pineapple, papaya contains a special enzyme, also called papain, which dissolves  protein into fragile layers. This reduces stains and protects against plaque buildup.


 Contains vitamin c of 20 mg which is enough to complete the daily need of vitamin C .   Take a natural lemon water 1 teaspoon daily dip the brush and start cleaning the teeth’s.  It helps to strong the gums and white the teeth’s in a few days.

Walnut  tree  and the green walnut shell: 

walnuts are rich in fiber and proteins, with many functions of immune improvement it also give strength to your brain. But wait a minute northern herbal  doctors use it in teeth’s remedies.  Take a green shell of walnut and roll it in the small piece of cloths start cleaning your gums teeth’s the upper jaws and the mouth cheeks from inner , the tongue and some head area of your throat helps you to save from many viruses. In ancient ages it is use as lipstick for females and males in our cultures in north Pakistan.


The lactic acid in milk can also be helpful in protecting the whiteness of the teeth, while milk also stimulates and energizing  the formation of saliva combustion, which clean away harmful bacteria. Casein, an amino acid  obtain from milk, also prevents blemishes and, in combination with calcium phosphorus, repairs cuticles and prevents plaque buildup. Other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt also contain lactic acid, and their use could potentially be beneficial. How many minutes it takes to whitening teeths with many foods? the answer is yes it is possible if you are commited. It also depends on the color of the teeth. If there are too many stains on them, it may take longer to get results.

Are there other natural ways?

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your teeth whitening your diet.

Brush and scratch:

Brushing and flossing daily is one of the best ways to keep teeth white. Brush your teeth twice a day and brush back and forth and on the upper surface for 2 minutes and also on the tongue so that there is no odor in the breath. Applying once a day helps to remove plaque and bacteria.

Baking soda is also helpful

in ancient ages backing soda is use for cleaning bones stains of animals . now it is useful and very famous for whitening teeths stains and yellowish. To use, make a paste by mixing equal amounts of water and baking soda, rub this paste on the teeth with a toothbrush for one minute and then spit it out. Perfection of mustard oil and salt Mustard oil and salt is an Ayurveda tip for whitening teeth. Mustard oil is believed to clear plaque and stains while salt enhances whitening effect; its rig-like structure cleans stains while saliva also enhances the antibacterial effect in combustion. Method of use : 20mg of salt and 2 tea spoon of mustard oil i lemon of 50mg . put the mustard oil and salt mi it keep it 5 minutes in a bowl after 5 minutes put lemon  pure juice. mix it for 1 minute and start brushing your teeths you will get a result in a few minutes.

Hydrogen peroxide

To use it, mix equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and water, hold it in your mouth for 30 seconds and rotate it left and right, then spit it out. Another way is to make and use baking soda paste using hydrogen peroxide instead of water.

Miswak brush ( A natural stick from olive tree):




Olive tree natural teeth brush (Miswak) helps you to improve your digestion. It’s a natural tree stick

1: sometimes keeping it in your pocket can protect you from fractures of bones.

2:  it is soft natural brush it can’t scratch your teeth’s in addition no problem in stains or pains.

3: “Black peppers” tree miswak Improve vision .

4: “sumbal” tree:  improve hearing power.

5: “Neem” tree miswak helps to remove  joints pains.

6:   “sarwak” white peppers tree miswak  works in control and remove your diabetes.

7: Willow tree helps in Reduce your cancer diseases 100%.

certainly There are a lots of trees you can make a Miswak (natural brush) from them and use several natural brush five times a day to save from every diseases. Their  names are given below:

1: Cinchona tree

2: Olive tree

3: Cacao tree

4: Walnut tree

5: Yew tree

6: Coffee tree

7: Birch tree

8: Strychnine tree

9: Happy tree

10: Willow tree

last but not the least thing,

Limited use of foods that can cause stains on teeth

for example: Dark berries, tomato sauce, coffee, black tea, dark cola, fruit juices and as well as  energy drinks can cause stains on teeth, so limit their use.

Similarly, this risk can be minimized by adding milk to tea and coffee.

Warning: In the case of using more hard hair teeth brush and artificial brush is scratching the teeth. Which makes cavities in those scratches?  And leads to the gums bleeding. Skip carbonated drinks and also  junky  foods.

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