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By | February 17, 2022

how to reduce belly fat in 7 days

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat


how to reduce belly fat in 7 days fast 


  1. Vaseline gel
  2. Soft plastic cover
  3. Water proof clothes /A paratroop suit


Vaseline Gel:

Take a Vaseline gel Massage your whole body with Vaseline especially your big muscles as well as the mostly effected fats area of your body.

soft Plastic cover / Shopper:

Bind the soft plastic from whole the body. Make sure your body fat area is Air proof.

water proof clothes/ where your own costumes:

After that put some Water proof clothes make sure you not cover your face and head area. It is possible.


“sweating  are the tears of fats” You will feel sweating on your whole body. But don’t remove the plastic.

warm water

Drink hot water or also Mineral water sipping  if possible.


Duration time is started from morning  till night dinner. if you are an athlete use it just in your training time.

If you want to wear other clothes its ok.


Whenever you want to lose 1kg to 2kg per day so add walk and jogging to your schedule.

You can walk do your activity free with plastics cover.

At bed rest time remove all plastic from your body easily and take to cool down your body.

Take a warm water shower.

Repeat every day the same procedure our target is to remove your fat and gain muscles in shape.

It is easy be punctual and committed see the result in a day.

Eat well whatever you want.

you will lose 1 kg in a day .

Athletes corner :

Weight categories:

If you are a sports person and wanna release weight apply this Plastic method during your training session and after completing the training remove it and take a shower of warm water.


Do your punning, siring and condition with this method and you will lose 1 to kg per day if you wanna lose more weight just increase the workout hours. for keeping your electrolytes good take minerals water and sweet natural juices most important is the lemon juice.

Taekwondo fighters:

do your all kicking in this plastic method like for example kicking and coordination don’t forget to drink electrolytes like magnesium zinc and phosphorus.

No Age limits

this plastic wrapping method is good for all ages there is no age limit and side affects of tis method if you apply it as I said .




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