Hylicobacter pylori | H.pylori home treatment| best Home Natural treatment for H.pyori.

By | April 30, 2022

Hylicobacter pylori | H.pylori home treatment| best Home

Natural treatment for H.pylori.





Today we can learn about the h pylori treatment and what are the best natural treatment home remedies which can reduce inflammation for h pylori.  if you  face this problems .  there is also a way to treat H pylori without antibiotics  today we gonna learn about the home treatments which have no side effects on the body.

h pylori?/ Hylicobacter ?

H pylori is a type of bacteria which enters to your body and make helicopter disease.  this disease make the issue of ulcer diseases.Because these bacteria leaves in the stomach for many years which is the big cause of Ulcer disease.  because it leaves in line of stomach or in your small intestine for many years  can not to eat on time it can make stomach cancer.  every third person of the world is facing this problem.  most people it doesn’t make cancer diseases  but it can leaves in the line of stomach  which make also stomach cancer from helicobacter diseases.


1: cramps,

2: burping,

3: diarrhoea,

4: constipation,

5: swelling OR ABDOMINAL BLOATING and a lot of gas burning pain

6: vomiting or blood vomiting.

7: loss of appetite extra..

8: Gastric cancer if not treated on time

Home Remedies for H- pylori:

1:  2 Cloves of Garlic  and add half cup of yugurt .  grind garlic cloves and mix it in yogurt eat it on empty stomach every morning you can also add it as a food in your meals . garlic is anti bacterial underground yogurt is probiotic it helps to wash bacteria from intestines.

2: Radish : eat a singe radish every morning to avoid gastric issues.

3: mint tea : Take 10 leafs of mint one lemon . Black cummin 1 tea spoon  boil it in 1 gass of water for 4 minutes and drink it after every meal . make sure the gape betwenthe meal and tea is 30 minuts.

4: Green tea

5: ginger tea

6:  multivitamins suplements.

7: Ladies finger ( Bindi):

ladies finger consists of fibre, vitamins c and folate

ingredients :  ladies fingers 500 grams ,  coconut grated one and half cup, salt for  taste,  red chilli one piece,  groundnut to tbsp,

sesame 2 tablespoons,  coriander seeds 2 tbsp.  all ingredients should be roasted and grind  into powder


Heat the pan  lower the fire and put  some groundnuts in the Pan  roasted groundnuts, when the ground nuts roasted well

Now add red chilli , coriander and sesame seeds.   when the seed starts frgrance  and popping  FREE TRIAL EXPIRED switch the flame off  of an let ingredients cooldown.

Put these ingredients into the centre of lady fingers and cooked ladyfingers on a coal flames  we need to cook the lady fingers without  oil.  take this food everyday in your lunch or breakfast.

8:  best natural  powder for H-pylori ulcer acidity and  gastric.

a:  dry mint 25 gm

b: cardamon 25 gm

c: cumin 25 gm

d: Fennel 25 gm

grind all the ingredients together make a powder . take 1 tea spoon after every meal.

change your lifestyle

skip Alcohol , smoking , caffine . black tea., carbonated drinks extra.

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