Is it possible to get rid of itching |Best Way to Get Rid of Itching

By | November 15, 2020

Is it possible to get rid of itching?

Is it possible to get rid of itching

Best Way to Get Rid of Itching Dryness of the scalp becomes common in winter, resulting in painful itching, which is avoided by women using brand new shampoos with the idea that it will relieve them from itching.

Scalp itching is a very common thing that is faced by both men and women due to not paying much attention to hair hygiene or skin problems.

However, in a crowded place outside the house, this itch can sometimes be a source of embarrassment, especially dryness and lice can get out of the water.

However, a few simple and homely tips to get rid of this problem are very helpful.

Use of mask

The hair mask helps to reduce the appearance of dead scalp, dryness,

and other ailments and anyone can easily make this mask.

Take a banana and crush it with honey and then mix it with onion juice

and then mix it in the form of a paste and leave it on

the scalp for twenty minutes and then wash it with shampoo.

Use of hot oil

One of the best tips for hair especially dry hair is hot oil which restores the moisture

of the hair and reduces the feeling of dryness on the skin.

Take a little olive oil and heat it for a while, add a few drops of honey in it

and then apply it on your hair and massage it for a few minutes

and after a while wash your hair with shampoo.

Use fresh lemon juice

Lemon is a useful vegetable that is very useful for soothing itchy scalp.

Just apply fresh lemon juice to your scalp and leave it on for a few minutes.

When it starts to dry, wash your hair with shampoo after a while.

Use of potato vera

Aloe vera is known for its beneficial properties for the skin and scalp.

Just apply aloe vera gel on the scalp and wash the scalp with shampoo after a while.

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