Is It Really Difficult To Get Pregnant After 30 Years?

By | August 20, 2020


Is It Really Difficult To Get Pregnant After 30 Years

Is it really difficult to get pregnant after 30 years? One in three women over the age

of 35 is said to be unable to conceive within a year.

Women over the age of 25 will be aware of the whispers that

older women in the family have about their pregnancies.

But how would you feel if you found out that what we have heard about

declining fertility with age is not true?

It is often said that one in three women over the age of 35 cannot conceive within a year of trying.

Jane Twain, 34, is a psychologist at the University of San Diego in the United States.

She recently remarried and wanted to start a family, which is what her doctor told her.

I was appalled to hear that all the ladies beyond 30 years old would be alarmed,” she said.

She wanted to know where the data came from and in her search, she discovered some surprising things.

The figures on which this is based were really gathered in France in the seventeenth century,

” she says. Birth records were collected from churches

that led them to conclude that it was possible to become pregnant after a certain age.

But these records were for women who did not have access to modern

medical facilities, food, and even electricity.

But today’s research has shown slightly different results.

Much mention is made of David Dunson’s research, published in 2004.

In this study, 82% of women between the ages of 35 and 39 became pregnant within a year.

But can we trust this research to be accurate?

David James of the Fertility Guideline Development Group of the UK’s National Institute of Health

and Care Excellence (NICE) responds that we can count on it.

“The study is not very old, with 780 women from seven European countries taking part,” she said.

Most importantly, these were the women who were trying to conceive. ”

James says the problem with these historical figures is that they may not be trying to conceive.

“The rate of sex decreases with age,” he says.

Another finding from the Dunson study was that fertility decreases with age,

but not at the rate we have been considering.

According to the study, 82% of pregnancies among women aged 27-34 are slightly higher

than 82% of women aged 35-39.

Is It Really Difficult To Get Pregnant After 30 Years

But those old figures were of women who did not have access to modern medical facilities or even electricity.

But after these parts of the age, the picture is not much clearer.

”The small information we have shows that ripeness is extraordinarily decreased by the age of 40,

” says James. But if you look at the cases of some famous people,

it is clear that it is not impossible to get pregnant even after the age of 40.

James says there is also evidence that women’s fertility is improving.

James says that according to the latest guidelines on his company’s fertility,

the chances of getting pregnant naturally at the age of 40 are higher than ever before.

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