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By | July 22, 2020

Learn The Early Stages Of Safety After Childbirth

Learn The Early Stages Of Safety After Childbirth

Learn The Early Stages Of Safety After Childbirth Immediately after birth,

the baby should be protected according to the weather,

as it is a flower that can wither from mild to unfavorable conditions. C.

The G vaccine should be administered under the supervision of a qualified doctor.

The human body’s natural immune system is not very strong at an early age,

so if the doctor is a midwife or someone else who has T. If you have B disease, give the child T. B will be at risk of attack.


In the first 24 hours, plain boiled water and honey can be used for sucking.

Rose liqueur or four liqueurs can also be used.

The first milk should not be wasted. Modern research has shown

that the first milk is best for the baby’s stomach.

If the baby has constipation or diarrhea, consult a doctor.

Navel related issues

Within a week, the umbilical cord dries out and goes away on its own.

It has been observed that many children get pus in the navel.

Can affect the internal organs of the child and can lead to the death of the child.

In such cases, treatment should be done to avoid

the advice of a qualified doctor without any argument.

Mother’s food

The mother should not overeat whatever she wants to eat,

because if the baby is given abstinent milk from the beginning,

then the mother will not abstain later. At that time, the baby will face discomfort.

I will create the ability to digest mother’s milk in every way

because as is the custom in some of our families

that the baby is not breastfed for three days could not be proved right.

The importance of massage

Medical research has shown that children who are massaged by their mothers

have better muscle and blood circulation than other children of the same age.

When this happens, of course, the child’s mind will work better,

keeping the child in mind the weather.

It should be massaged with ordinary mustard oil,

bathed in lukewarm water, and wrapped in a towel.

Modern research has shown that there are centers at the bottom.

In addition to reducing the feeling of fatigue and pain,

the energy also confirms that the baby also gains weight.

Breast milk

All the doctors and authorities of the world agree that breast milk

is the best food for the health of the baby.

The use of feeders is dangerous for the physical and mental health of the baby.

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