Misconceptions And Superstitions About Depression

By | September 8, 2020

Misconceptions And Superstitions About Depression

Misconceptions And Superstitions About Depression

Misconceptions And Superstitions About Depression Many people experience anxiety and depression at different stages of life, which increases the risk of other diseases as well as weight gain.

There is no human being in the world who does not suffer from this mental condition due to misery, financial difficulties,

and other problems including unemployment, and these are generally considered to be the leading causes of it.

But it is also a fact that there is not much awareness among the people about this and there are many misconceptions and superstitions about mental health which prevent people from seeking medical help.

The following are common misconceptions and myths about depression that help us understand the disease.

Depression is not a disease

It is a mistake to think that depression is a weakness of personality, lethargy, or any other term, in fact, it is a serious mental illness that can have various causes and needs to be treated.

Depressed people are always sad

It is true that feelings of sadness can be a symptom of depression, but they are not the same thing. Depression is temporary, but sometimes it can affect people who do not have the mental irritability of depression, just the lack of interest in their favorite hobbies or activities. ۔

Depression goes away on its own

As mentioned above, it is a real disease and does not go away with time but increases with severity if left untreated. It is not a common cold but a cancer-like disease that needs to be fought. ۔

Medications provide immediate relief

The use of sedatives may be helpful against certain types of depression, but it is important for the medical professional and the individual to look inside themselves to see

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how to complete recovery is possible, such as laughter is a good treatment, and meditation is a good treatment. It is helpful in this regard.

People can hide their depression

It is true that people with this disease often fail to hide their pain, but it is also true that if a person does not look sad, then he is not suffering from depression, it can actually be a symptom of a severe form of depression.

Children do not have this condition

On the contrary, children can also suffer from depression and it is very important to identify it in the little angels because it can be mistaken for another disease such as anxiety or something else.

Symptoms of depression in children may include loss of physical energy, incomplete work, negative thinking, and loss of interest in sports. They sleep less or more, as well as eating more or less can be a sign.

Depression affects not only the body but also the brain

Depression can cause fatigue, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, muscle aches, and chest pain.

When we think of depression as just a mental illness, we sometimes overlook its seriousness.

Life is not possible without medicine

It is not necessary and depends on the patient’s condition. Some people benefit in a short period of time and do not need any more medicine while others have to take medicine for a longer period of time.

About 40% of people get better results from therapy and medication.

Sadness or grief causes depression

It is a fact that after some traumatic events, a person often suffers from depression, but this is not necessary. Any life-affecting event can cause a person to be temporarily depressed, but if these symptoms persist for more than two weeks, it could be a sign of a major problem.

Men are not at risk for depression

Women are twice as likely as men to have depression, but that doesn’t mean men can’t get it. Men often express their views differently than women and depression is seen differently in them. For this reason,

society can often ignore the symptoms of depression in men, which can be dangerous. Men are often more reluctant to treat it than women and this makes their disease more complicated.

Talking will make the problem worse

This may be difficult at first, but it is not right to hope that it will end on its own. Talking about it can lead to better suggestions and help you quickly. Knowing more people can help you before the disease reaches dangerous levels.

There are no physical symptoms of depression

In fact, there are certain physical symptoms of depression that most people are unable to recognize and suffer from more serious disorders.

Depression weakens

Most people believe that people with depression become mentally weak, although this is not true, people should be educated that the case of a person suffering from depression or mental illness should be taken seriously and within them a medical professional. Should be encouraged to approach.

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