Muscle mass Gain muscles by physical exercises

By | February 7, 2022

Muscle mass Gaining


Muscle mass Gaining

muscle mass athlete


before starting my training schedule let me introduce my self i am Shahb shah a physical training expert it is a journey of 6 months to get bulk muscle In addition its a  1st part of my articles about muscle Gaining.

i tag some other from artices similarly or related to health hope this can be as good example.

Deltoid muscle size and shape development.

Targeted muscles of deltoid are frontal deltoid also known as Anterior , Middle muscle of deltoid called Lateral deltoid and back deltoid muscle known as Posterior

The following schedule is use for making Muscle mass.

  1. Warm-up static and dynamic
  2. Physical trainings workouts and Exercises.
  3. Nutrition
  4. Massage

1:Warm-up: Static:

Static warm-up is the key to activate muscles neurons which helps to improve the cells tissue and raise the death cells in the tissues to develop the size.

1st Exercise is hanging on bar or anything in vertical direction make sure your grip of hands in the pull position on the high bar. Or if you are in home just find a hanging place.

Do 2 sets of 30second each.

2nd Exercise is : Elbow stretching : put your right hand on the left shoulder on the other hand grip your right elbow and twist to the left shoulder . the exercise must be done subsequently  on both sides.

Do 3 sets of 10 to 15 seconds each side.

3rd Exercise is put your hand on the wall straightly and then move your head down push it down as you can then hold it till the last point.

Do 3 sets 0f 10 to 1 seconds.

4th Exercise

is to put a single hand *right or left in a straight position and turn to the opposite direction stretch it but don’t move during stretch.


Don’t move when you get in stretch position.

Don’t do stretching less than 7 seconds . the more you stretch the flexible and beautiful shape you will get.

Do these exercises Gradually soon you will get the result

Warm-up Dynamic:

1st Exercise: Rotation Front

Bend your arms towards the shoulder grip the shoulder and rotate slowly your elbows to front direction to make a circle on your elbows.

30 rotations of 3 sets

2nd Exercise:

open your hands straightly and move in front rotation

30 rotations of 3 sets

3rd Exercise:

Bend your arms again put hands on shoulder again and start slowly rotation to the back side

30 rotation of 3 sets .

4th Exercise:

up your both hands straightly to the chest level Open and close it

30 moves of 3 sets

 Physical training workouts and exercises


Precaution Take a weight on which you recognize you can easily done your SETS of Exercise.

on the other hand if you want to gain more muscle mass you must raise more weight. on the following day of deltoid exercises skip the chest trainings.


Barbell shoulder Press 8 reps of 3 sets


Side shoulder dumbbell rises


Hand Plate Raises

Exercise 4:

Dumbbell shoulder press

Exercise 5:

Side shoulder dumbbell rises.

the after every sets take a rest of 2 to 3 minutes.

similarly these sets cold be done on Rubber tube  or flexibes bands.

A Mass Gainer physical formula for home.

Home Workouts for Deltoid Muscles

Take a flexible rubber band of 2 meter long.

You can also workout with the bicycle sphere tube

Tied it with something

Exercise 1:

standing position both heads are beneath the feet’s and push the rubber upward direction.

2 sets of 20 reps

Exercise 2:

One head should beneath the feet’s and grip the rubber and pull to rise with straight arm or “Both arms”.

2 sets of 20 reps

Exercise 3:

From back to front raise with two bands.

2 set of 30 reps

A minute later lay down on the floor or mate and the coach starts to manipulate your muscle

Second last is nutrition for muscle mass


firstly      for gaining muscle mass Take Breakfast of  fat and proteins foods because it  help you to build Muscle       Mass. …

secondly    for bulking Take every three hours break in every meal  …

thirdly        Take Protein with Each Meal to Boost Your Muscle Mass.

fourthly      Take 4 to 6 fruit and vegetables with each meal. …

fifthly         Take carbs only after your workout. …

sixthly          on the other hand Take healthy fats.

seventhly     Start drinking more water as you can it can help you build Muscle Mass.

the last but not the least  Eat Whole Foods 80% of the Time.

Another key link Last but not the least and it’s the part of health too.


Massage the deltoid Muscles 1 hour daily with oil. At last take breathing.

In addition Massage gives deltoid muscles a distance in addition increasing shape and size

Manipulation helps you to get a good size and shape in a few days.

If the muscles have old injury takes a massage of 2 times daily in 24 hours.

Take a rest of 8 hours of deep sleep. Beside that don’t wake up for late night skip the extracurricular activities soon you will see the result.


Because of these all tips you will see the results very soon finally in six months.

Repeat the exercises on the following days of the week

Wednesday and Saturday.

last but not the least If you have injury in your Deltoid muscle or the injury is severe don’t try these Exercises.

Do it gradually in sequential form..

If you have injury in your Deltoid muscle or the injury is severe don’t try these Exercises.














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