Obesity is a major risk factor for liver disease in middle-aged people

By | June 15, 2022

Obesity is a major risk factor for liver 

Francis Carroll lost 42 kg

A study found that one in eight middle-aged people in the UK suffer from liver disease due to obesity.

How Francis Carroll lost 42 kg

A scan of about 3,000 people at the Biobank Research Project found that about 12% of people had an enlarged liver and contained fat.

The British Liver Trust says the results are “very worrying” and a “wake-up call” because such a situation could lead to cirrhosis of the liver and death.

Hematologists say that fatty liver disease is like a silent epidemic.

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Scientists in the UK have developed a state-of-the-art software for diagnosing liver disease

that will help treat and diagnose liver disease. One in eight people in the UK suffers from liver disease.

This is alarming because the symptoms do not appear until the damage has been done.

However, he said that if diagnosed in time, it can be cured.

Francis Carroll, 52, of Oxford, was diagnosed seven years ago with fatty liver disease. He weighed 116 kg. But now he has lost 42 kg.


A swollen liver can be seen in red, while a healthy liver can be seen in green

“I was shocked when I was told I had liver disease, but I was determined to do something about it,” Francis said.

I started eating a healthier diet and then started exercising with it. I’m glad I got back to normal. ”

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Now she teaches in fitness classes and gives nutrition advice.

He said: “I could not have imagined in 2011 that I would become a personal trainer because if I walked a little,

my breath would swell and now I run at high altitudes.”

He has now undergone a new type of MRI scan which shows that his liver is now healthy and strong again.

Frances Carroll is now a personal trainer

Frances Carroll is now a personal trainer

The results of the MRI, led by Oxford scientists, were announced in the press at the International Liver Congress.

This test has been completed with the help of advanced software. It was developed by Oxford University’s Prospectum Diagnostic Company.

Dr Rajshree Banerjee, CEO of Prospectum, said: “For the clear benefit of the NHS, taxpayers and patients,

UK doctors and scientists have created Liver Multi-Scan, a great example of smart health technology.”

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“Liver biopsy is an important part of hepatology, but we need something that can detect the severity of liver disease without inserting a needle,” he said.

This software tool can be used in any MRI but it is not part of routine diagnosis yet.

She has grown from size 22 to size 12, which means that her liver is now healthy

Southampton General is the first NHS hospital to use the new system in addition to a research center.

This will reduce the need for a biopsy, says David Brain, associate professor of radiology at University Hospital Southampton.

“The scan shows a map of the whole liver, while the needle shows only a fraction of the sample and it is unpleasant,” he said.

“It also makes it easier for us to re-scan the patient and see if there is any benefit.”

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