More Than An Hour of Sleep In The Afternoon Can Be Fatal

More Than An Hour of Sleep In The Afternoon Can Be Fatal, Research Says

More Than An Hour of Sleep In The Afternoon Can Be Fatal

More Than An Hour of Sleep In The Afternoon Can Be Fatal An afternoon nap is both Sunnah and beneficial for health, but too much sleep can lead to life-threatening illness.

The claim was made in a new medical study in China.

The research from Guangzhou University was presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology, and preliminary results have just been released. However, researchers have suggested that a nap of more than an hour may increase the risk of heart disease and premature death.

The study looked at 20 old research reports on naps, which included more than 300,000 people, and found that 39% were accustomed to a good night’s sleep. The risk of premature death increases by 19% if people start taking a nap at night, researchers said.

However, the risk is much higher in people who take a nap for 60 minutes or more. Research has shown that such people have a 30% increased risk of premature death and a 34% increased risk of heart disease.

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Researchers have said in the past that long periods of nap can lead to edema, hypertension, and diabetes. However, the study also found that taking short naps improved brain function and lowered blood pressure. does.

Research shows that sleeping 30 to 45 minutes in the afternoon can help improve a person’s heart health. The researchers said that the results suggest that short-term nap improves heart health in people who are unable to sleep at night while sleeping longer in the afternoon with increased swelling at night.

It also affects sleep.

It should be noted that this study was somewhat limited as it analyzed previous research reports, while the researchers also admitted that they could not say anything about the direct link between sleep deprivation and heart disease or risk of death.

A study from Hertfordshire in the UK last year found a brief link between short sleep and happiness in the afternoon.

Research has shown that a short afternoon nap has a number of health benefits, such as increased creativity and protection against heart disease, but this habit can also increase happiness in life. In fact, the habit of taking a nap gives a sense of satisfaction in life.

The team involved in the study said that previous research reports had shown that a 30-minute nap in the afternoon helps to focus, increase creativity, and sharpen the mind, but new findings suggest. It is found that it also increases the feeling of happiness. in the afternoon was helpful in improving mental alertness, memory, mental capacity, and mood.

Sleep In The Afternoon Can Be Fatal

According to research, the nap is very good for people’s minds because it cleanses them. Researchers say that if people make a habit of taking a nap, they will be able to store, retain, and remember information more quickly and efficiently.

However, the most important thing is that the afternoon sleep should not be short, that is, more than half an hour because it is harmful to the mind instead of good.

A March 2019 study by Scapane General Hospital in Greece found that people who were accustomed to taking a nap were more likely to have stable blood pressure levels then those who did not sleep in the afternoon.

According to research, if a person makes it a habit to sleep for some time in the afternoon, it can help in controlling the disease of high blood pressure. The researchers said that taking a nap is a method that can be easily adopted and there is no cost involved.

However, the researchers said that in addition to taking a nap, patients with high blood pressure should also pay attention to other lifestyle changes. For example, adding salt to your diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and regular physical activity can help keep your blood pressure under control.

Earlier in 2018, a medical study in Germany found that up to 45 minutes of sleep or a nap in the afternoon helps to store and retrieve information. Research has shown that brain activity during sleep is important for storing new information, and a 45-minute nap improves memory up to five times.

He added that getting some sleep during the day can be a key to success in the learning process. Another 2017 study found that habit also helps prevent brain aging. Research has shown that sleeping for an hour in the afternoon is beneficial for the brain, but this period should not be more or less, otherwise, it is not beneficial.

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