The Growth And Weight Of A Young Child Increase Rapidly

By | July 19, 2020

The Growth And Weight Of A Young Child Increase Rapidly

The growth and weight of a young child increase rapidly

The growth and weight of a young child increase rapidly. So get your baby’s weight checked regularly.

Weight gain is a very important sign that the baby is healthy. Infants must be weighed at least once a month from birth to one year of age.

At the age of 2-1 years, they should be weighed at least once every three months.

If the baby is underweight or obese, it is important to check the baby’s diet and advise parents or carers on good nutrition.

A baby who has been exclusively breastfed for the first six months usually grows well during this period.

In order to ensure the healthy growth and mental and physical development of a six-month-old baby,

it is necessary to start feeding the baby a variety of nutritious foods in addition to breast milk.

Babies need not only the right weight but also the right height. The child’s height can also be recorded on a chart.

Especially during the first two years of life, good nutrition, care, hygiene can prevent children from getting shorter in terms of their age.

If the mother is malnourished or does not receive adequate nutrition during pregnancy, her baby may be born too short.

In such a situation, the child will be at risk of becoming smaller (smaller in size) later.

A baby who has not been gaining weight adequately for a month or two may need to be fed more often,

given more nutritious food, or repeated feeding.

The child may be sick or need more attention and care or help with eating.

Parents and trained health workers need to take immediate action to find out the cause of the problem and take appropriate action.

Here are some questions to ask to help identify breeding issues:

Does baby food contain very little ‘growth’ or ‘energy’ food? Foods that help babies grow include beans, beans, meat, fish, eggs, milk, butter, yogurt, grains, and pulses.

Is the child getting enough food with vitamin A? Breast milk is rich in vitamin A.

Other foods that contain vitamin A include liver, eggs, milk, butter, yogurt, red palm oil, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, and green leafy vegetables.

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