The Health of The Scalp Is as Important as The Hair

The health of the scalp is as important as the hair

The health of the scalp is as important as the hair

Hair care is just as important as hair care, but did you know that using a special scalp brush is one of the basic cosmetic habits?

This brush is usually different from the color and shape of the hair comb brush.

Although the scalp is 3.5 parts of our body, we usually forget that while protecting the hair, we forget that the scalp is just as important as protecting the scalp will also protect the hair.

The scalp contains some of the ingredients that make up the hair. They make keratin which strengthens the hair.
They usually get the nutrients and oxygen needed for hair growth from the bloodstream.

As far as the glands in the scalp are concerned, they increase the fiber in the hair and make it shinier, thus healthy hair grows up to one and a half centimeters every month and their life goes on.

Some specific brushes used for scalp care: 

Special protection of the scalp:

According to a study published in Al-Rubayeh, the formation of scalp cells is twice as fast as the formation of skin cells and that is why they are not a result of pollution, ultraviolet rays, chemical dyes, or hard hair styling. Loss of balance.
It can cause hair diseases such as dry, greasy roots, as well as hair loss.

What should be done to protect the joints?

Hair care experts recommend protecting the scalp from external aggression as much as possible and encourage regular massage several times a week.

As far as the best type of massage is concerned, it is recommended to use a special brush for massaging the scalp. This brush consists of more than one flexible head and round teeth.

It speeds up blood circulation and ensures the distribution of nutrients in the hair follicles. This massage helps to strengthen broken, thinning hair that is prone to unnatural fall.

Some types of brushes that are used to care for the scalp also have a good effect as they not only speed up the blood circulation but also remove the impurities that accumulate on the surface of the scalp. Also, work too.
In that case, they can be used once or twice a week.

How and when to use a scalp brush?

We usually forget that while protecting our hair we forget that our scalp is just as important:

Most of these brushes work at the same time massaging the scalp and getting rid of the hair.

These are usually used daily. However, if it is only made for massage or made of plastic and silicone,

it should be used once or twice a week.

After bathing, oil can be applied to the hair and a massage brush can be used.

It can also be used when shampooing hair and massaging it,

which removes toxins from the pores of the scalp, allowing them to grow better.

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