Toe Walking Treatment A hurted Issue for Parents

By | January 30, 2022

TOE Walking Treatment for all kids 

toe walking

it is 9 months  unique  sequential treatment

How to stop your son from autistic toe walking?

It’s happen by applying physical means Very easy needs a lot of hard work and attention. The following Scheduled is changing the life of toe walking child here are some titles and subtitles to follow it step by step.

 Activities of warm-up muscles for  Toe walking kids

Bicycle paddling: is one of the warm up exercise and dynamic warm-up for the Toe walking patient. If not paddle well just tied kids ankle with the paddles.  Duration 10 minutes.

Flutter kicking: It’s targeted to main muscle Hamstring abdomens and quadriceps

Make the child by tie his leg with your leg.  Duration is 10 minutes


Warm Water Therapy works to prevent your child creeping:

Put the child in warm water Make sure kid stand well Massage the back Muscle from the end of the vertebral (Lumber) column till the phalanges joints  Thumbs.

Our target is to activate the Neurons of the muscles

time duration is 40 to 45 minutes.

How to correct the tip-toe walk?

Yes tip toe walking definently remove  by several exercises

1: upper body Arch:


After the warm-up body stage Do the Back muscle stretching

Upper body Arch Take the child hands and try slowly to bend him to the back Arch pose till 3sec to 2sec                       or less hold him in arch position.

Do it for 2 hours.


2: Lower Body Arch (curve):

Take kid feet’s bend it slowly towards head.

this exercise helps to enhance your child stance which is a key to your kids starting normal walk.

In each move try to hold the pose (posture) for 2 to 3 seconds.


3: The Ankle forth and back move.

Hold the kid feet and pick the toe move it to the backward direction hold it for 7 second.


Fix your kid toe walking or the stealthy walk:


Tight the feet’s of your kid with your feet’s and toe with toe.

Tight the middle of the body with you or hold the rope in your hands.

Then walk in in your own common steps and help the kid to walk.


Step 1: Push wall with help of heels make sure the heels touch the ground floor and the legs of the kid must be straight the body angle must be in 60 degree.

Exercise must be of 30 to 60 second Of 3 rows.


Step 2: Jumping in soft mate: say to your kid to jumping in a soft mate or a soft sand also a soft mud is good but memorize him to touch the object on heels.

Exercise must 10 to 20 jumps per 3 sets.


Step 3: walk on heels: order your warily kid  (toe walking)  to start walk in a long circle by heels I mean to touch the ground on heels first. The hand of the kid must be on his back. He must look to straight its good to motivate him on each step. its also called the clever monkey walk.


2 to 3 minutes heel walk

5 sets every day.

Can toe walking be corrected?

1: first start from the parallel bars . A collateral bar is a simple machine.

it works to help in your child walking bravely ot fearing from walking.

just tell the child to hold the parallel bar on hands try to walk like a normal with that method also include the belt to tight his or her hip to save from fall down.

2: A rope belt on the abdomen of the use a dream walking machine made by me.

in this machine when a kid is not able to walk we tight a belt on the abdomen to control child weight and save child from many damages.

Why does my 12 year old child walk on his toes?

Because of the non-active neurons of the muscles and tendons stiffness your child’s are not able to walk but doesn’t worry it needs more attentions to massage and therapies, a lots of exercise which i show you in the upper exercises. Don’t forget about our online team member’s help you in every corner of the world. Thank you Google and the rest of communication mass to help us to teach you online.

How do I get my 3 year old to stop walking on his toes?

It’s not late but thanks for your question use these exercise in recreational activities .

1: wall sit

2: Parallel bar walk

3: belt roof machine walk.

4: stretching the muscles

5: massage every day.


Can a chiropractor help with toe walking?

Yes of course. Just see if the knees ankles and toe angles are not normal and your child knees hit each other so chiropractic practitioners are good in mechanics of body angles.



1: Be worry about your toe walking kid when his life time  is over 19.

2: when he is over 19, We pause (cease) the work and pass it to the surgeons for surgery in cartilages and Muscles.

3: Stiffness of muscles produces improper function. Get massage therapies every day or apply radiation therapies.

4: Focus on daily massage. Your corner-stop is most precious  thing for your kid.

5: do a Warm water Treatment day-to-day.

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