Top 11 Working Meditation Tips in Detail || 2020-2021

By | November 20, 2020

Top 11 Working Meditation Tips in Detail

Top 11 Working Meditation Tips in Detail

Top 11 Working Meditation Tips in Detail Do you know that in this mundane life, just take a little time for meditation, it will not only make you mentally strong?

Rather you will find yourself a better person than before. everybody will accept that reflection will profit you, intending no damage by any means.

This will make you quieter than before. However, many people do not find meditation appealing at all. It tends to be said that reflection isn’t a cup of tea for certain individuals. This is such a thing for them, for which they have no time at all.

So today I am sharing some simple meditation tips for the same people so that they can give Meditation a place in their life and prepare themselves to meditate.

 1. Choose the right time

Meditation is done to relax oneself. So choose a time that suits your convenience. It means to say that this is a time when no one will disturb you and meditate without stopping. Both sunrise and sunset are considered suitable for meditation. These are the times when day and night transition into nature. This is the right time.

Meditation to remove stress

2. Choose a quiet place

Just like the right time, you should choose the right place according to your own. The place should be such that no one disturbs you. A place where you are surrounded by a calm environment and are completely enjoying meditation only.

3. Sitting in a comfortable posture

As expressed above, in the event that contemplation is done to unwind, at that point, your stance additionally matters.

Remember that notwithstanding being loose, you are likewise agreeable and sitting upstanding.

Keep your abdomen straight, however, leave your shoulders and neck free. Keep the eyes closed the whole time. You do not necessarily have to sit in Padmasana for meditation.

4. Do not eat anything before meditation

The best time to meditate is before eating food. What do you know after eating food? But this does not mean that you do not eat anything. If you had eaten food a long time ago, then hunger will not let you meditate and you will only think about eating all the time. Therefore, your stomach should also be full enough to meditate. If you have eaten food, you can meditate after at least two hours.

5. Warm up a little before Meditation

Prior to meditation, warming the body slightly will make the body stiff. Also, it will also make your body lighter and you will be able to concentrate more while meditating. With warm-up, you will also be able to sit well keeping the waist straight.

6.Breathe deep first

Pay attention to your breathing speed. Also, it is always better to take deep breaths before meditation. If you want, you can also do pulse-cleansing pranayam before meditation. Through which you will be able to breathe better and remain calm during meditation.

7. Be happy and meditate

A gentle smile on the face during meditation will not only keep you relaxed, but it will also make you feel a little calm. And it will also improve your meditation experience.

8. Forget all worries

Thoughts are like an airplane that keeps taking off and landing in your mind. But at the time of meditation, it is important that you forget all kinds of thoughts and concerns and keep all your attention only on meditation.

9. Meditate with others

You will start maturing more easily and in faster mediation, if you include others to meditate with you. By doing group meditation, you will be able to go deeper. Then you will also be able to absorb pure divine energy more.

10. Use Candle and Music

You may have been meditating many times, but still, you have not been able to establish that attention and focus. Don’t know the way you are meditating, it should not be made for you. If you want, you can also meditate initially with Candle and Music. Once the flow is made then you can come back to normal mediation. There are many ways on the internet to meditate with candles and music. Just take what you feel suitable.

11. Slowly open your eyes

Take utmost care while finishing meditation. Do not open your eyes in a hurry nor stand up. Open your eyes slowly and try to know the environment around you first. Notice where you are sitting? What are you sitting on How is your breathing Such observations will help you finish meditation with comfort.

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