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By | July 24, 2020

Why are pregnant women advised to sleep soundly?

Why Are Pregnant Women Advised To Sleep Soundly?

Why Are Pregnant Women Advised To Sleep Soundly?

Scientists have advised pregnant women to go to bed

three months before birth to avoid stillbirth.

A study of 1,000 women found that if women slept on their backs

in the last trimester of pregnancy, the risk of having a baby doubled.

The study examined the cases of 291 women who gave birth to stillborn babies,

while the study also examined the cases of 735 women who gave birth to live babies.

Researchers say that the way women sleep is very important and when they wake up

and see that they are sleeping on their backs, they should not worry about it.

One in every 200 births in the UK is thought to be a stillbirth,

according to the study’s authors, who say that at least 130 children’s lives

could be saved each year if women slept soundly.

The study, published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (BEJOG),

is the largest of its kind and confirms the findings of research in New Zealand and Australia.

Professor Alexander Hazel, head of the study and director of the Tommy Steele

Birth Research Center at St Mary’s Hospital, advises women to go to bed at any time

during the third trimester of pregnancy.

I don’t need pregnant ladies to be apprehensive when they wake up and see

that they are resting on their backs that they have not harmed their baby,” she said.

According to him, the position in which you go to sleep is

more important than the position in which you wake up.

Doctors say a good night’s sleep can save at least 130 children a year in the UK

“It is highly unlikely around the position you are cognizant in, be that as it may,

there is something you can do about the position you are resting in,” he said.

Crops of gold

Take a pillow or cushions behind you to help you sleep soundly

When you are awake at night, check your sleeping position, and then try to sleep soundly.

Try to rest in this position during the day as well as at night.

If you are awake at night sleeping on your back, do not be upset, but go to sleep on your back.

The study found no difference between right and left crotch. (Source: Tommy Charity)

Nothing can be said with certainty about the increased risk of stillbirth,

but many statistics show that when a pregnant woman sleeps on her back,

the weight of both the baby and the uterus affects the blood vessels.

This can lead to a lack of oxygen in the baby.

However, Edward Morris of Bejug welcomed the findings, saying: “This is a significant

the study that provides further evidence that pregnant women’s sleeping

Does posture affect childbirth which can be reversed. ?

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