Why is the new generation becoming increasingly depressed?

By | September 17, 2020

Why is the new generation becoming increasingly depressed?

Why is the new generation becoming increasingly depressed In this article, we will try to explain what depression, stress, or anxiety is and how to get rid of it.

Lack of awareness about mental illness in society is one of the main reasons for our outdated social system where traditions, customs, and opinions of outsiders are given more importance than children or relationships and from mild to severe.

Psychiatric disorders are suppressed in the home and one of the reasons why such issues are not brought to the fore is “what people will say”.

What is depression?

Depression is the name given to a specific condition in which the patient feels lonely, depressed, and unsuccessful. This disease exaggerates the negative side of events and in this condition if the patient is treated by family or friends.

Without help and timely treatment, the patient’s mental state begins to deteriorate, which is fatal to both his social and professional life.

Anxiety can be said to be the twin sister of depression. Depression portrays the patient as a failed human being, then anxiety spreads these negative thoughts and perceptions and develops a constant state of fear and apprehension in the patient.

Stopping causes stagnation and this stagnation gradually hollows out the patient by licking his joys, dreams, relationships, and loves like a termite with his abilities.

Although depression has been reported in people of all ages, reports from international organizations show that the rate of the disease among young people aged 18 to 30 has risen alarmingly since 2011.

Why is the new generation becoming the “depressed generation“?
There can be many other reasons for this, of which the following are the reasons.

1-Inter-family marriage and genetics

Although we are living in the digital age of the 21st century today, there is no shortage of educated families in Pakistan who are very strict on caste issues and are against extramarital affairs, such as forced marriages.

Husbands and wives rarely have mental harmony and their children suffer from stress or strain from the beginning as well as the home environment,

such children are at risk of mental illness after the age of 18 Too much because they lack the ability to solve problems and self-confidence and they soon become depressed due to stress at university or later on the job.

According to Zofshan Qureshi, a leading clinical psychiatrist in Islamabad, depression, and anxiety are hereditary diseases and can be passed from one generation to another,

especially if the mother has been in a stressful environment during pregnancy. Effects on the hormone cortisol have a negative effect on a child’s brain and increase the child’s risk of developing a mental illness in the future.

In addition, if in the early period of 2 to 3 years after birth, there is any negligence or negligence on the part of the parents in raising the children, they will be pampered or abused too much,

then such children will suffer from depression or other psychological problems in their youth. There are problems that can have a direct effect on a relationship after marriage.

2- Economic problems

Economic problems are also a major reason for the rapid rise in the rate of depression in developing countries like Pakistan. In the big cities, population growth and the obsession with adopting a luxurious lifestyle have increased the challenges.

The distinction between good and evil is being forgotten in the obsession of surpassing each other by earning as much as possible in a legitimate and illegitimate way,

which has led to the decline of not only the social system but also selfishness and selfishness in bloody relationships. Is.

In such a situation, people with sensitive nature and painful heart are increasingly suffering from mental illness because at every turn a wolf in human form is sitting to bite it,

along with rising unemployment and senior people in the office or The younger generation is also becoming increasingly depressed due to the boss’s bad behavior, and currently,

10 out of 100 young people are being treated by a therapist for their psychological problems.

3 – Generation Gap

The milestones that man has made in the last four or five decades, especially in the field of science and technology, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, have weighed heavily on the overall development of the last two centuries.

It is not hidden from anyone, but it can be seen that along with the benefits of this rapid development, there have also been severe disadvantages and after the developed countries, now even in the developing and backward countries, the social system is rapidly declining.

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Today’s generation is living in a digital age that wants to get everything with a few punches on a click or mobile while parents still have old values and traditions, so the distance between parents and children has widened.

Neither the parents are willing to change themselves by looking at the tendencies of the children nor the children want to accept their old ways and traditions, as a result,

a rebellious or emotionless child is being born in every home whose life The sole purpose is to satisfy one’s desires.

4 – Social media

Social media has gripped our social life in its iron claws for the last one and a half decades. After the advent of smartphones, the use of social media has also increased rapidly in Pakistan and Pakistan is currently the leading importer of smartphones.

Is one of the countries in the world, but our tragedy is that they are obsessed with every new invention and promote its negative use.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the other social networking sites were created to bring together people from all over the world to promote world peace, but our young generation took them as a ‘parallel life’,

where Everyone hides their true identity, masks Mr. and Miss Perfect, which has increased the psychological and mental disorders in the new generation because people are not ready to accept themselves with their flaws,

so their own and close Distance from relationships has increased a lot and people are busy on smartphones instead of sitting together and talking at home.

Excessive use of mobile phones is also having a negative effect on the brain. Decreased endurance has led to a sharp rise in the rate of depression and anxiety in the younger generation,

but instead of getting rid of them, we are addicted to social media. Without them, our lives would be incomplete.

On the other hand, the parents of the new generation also like to spend time on social media and mobile instead of fulfilling their responsibilities properly and paying attention to their children,

which is a red signal of more serious psychological disorders than depression and anxiety in the next generation.

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