With Just One Cup Of The Old Cold, All The Mucus Will Come Out

By | September 7, 2020

With Just One Cup Of The Old Cold & Flue, All The Mucus Will Come Out

With Just One Cup Of The Old Cold, All The Mucus Will Come Out

With just one cup of the old Cold & Flue, all the mucus will come out Patients with respiratory distress or chronic cough should be very careful before the onset of winter and spring seasons because the mucus that accumulates in the lung ducts becomes a breeding ground for the common cold germs where they grow rapidly.

Find This mucus sometimes does not come out even in the case of a severe cough, clogs the ducts, and often causes fatal lung infection. A severe cough usually lasts for about three weeks. Some other types of cough can sometimes take a long time to heal

However, whatever the nature of the cough, it must be related to a defect in the respiratory system. Sore throat, sore throat, respiratory tract infection or lung damage, cough. Causes Cough can be dangerous if left untreated. Easy and alternative treatments are good for looking at different cough syrups.

They also put a significant burden on the pocket, but in reality, they have no effect. So it is better to avoid it. It is good to have a little cough. This keeps the airways clean. The following home remedies are beneficial in case of whooping cough.

Wetting a towel with lemon juice and wrapping it around the chest also helps in relieving cough. Drinking hot milk mixed with honey clears mucus from the lungs. * Gargling with salt water and steaming hot saltwater reduces inflammation of the nose and throat and also kills the germs that attack the respiratory tract.

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This way the cough can be controlled. * In severe coughing, the process of breathing is of paramount importance. Breathing fast does not help clear the cough and mucus accumulated in the lungs. Breathing slowly and deeply helps to open the closed ducts of the lungs and deliver the required amount of oxygen to the blood.

* Gargle with salt or desperation in lukewarm water. In the morning, afternoon and evening, mix four spoons of crushed black pepper in two spoons of honey and use it. A teaspoon of honey mixed with a cup of grapefruit juice is the most effective treatment for cough. Soak six to seven kernels of sweet almonds in water.

Peel a squash, grate it and mix it with sugar and butter. Experienced prescription for dry cough. * Eating a little malthi reduces the cough to a great extent. * Chewing goose fat on the chest gives a lot of relief in cough and its heat also helps in clearing the mucus accumulated in the lung ducts.

Raw guava also called Gadra is fried on the stove and mixed with salt to relieve cough. Take two onions and fry them on fire. When its outer skin burns and turns black, take off the skin, rub the inner part very finely and filter it and take out its water separately.


Then we add honey to it. Give this mixture to the patient in the morning and evening. Surprisingly, the cough will be relieved.

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